Champion Russia , Champion RKF
Chantique Lemon Spritzer - 15.09.2008 " Simba"

We are grateful ours to friends Chantal and Andre for the wonderful kid!


Chantique Lemon 'N'Lime

Xotic Lover of Slatestone

Riding's Deep in My Heart
Timeless Twilight's Fame or Fortune
Riding's Red Riding Hood
Unchain my Heart of Slatestone
Brilyn Misty Shadow at Carostar
Romantic Dream of Slatestone
Love in the Sun With Gerian
Emryks Look Again
Lynway Stay Cool
Emryks Pixies in Love
Salsina Love 'N' Cherish with Gerian
Gerian Hello Handsome
Delbar Cherish the Love
Chantique Simply Sweet
Lynmead Simply in My Soul
Amalie Deep In My Soul
Riding's Deep in My Heart
Amalie Sweet Surprise
Lynmead Simply Charming
Amalie Mild Affair
Lynmead Love Charm at Woodwick
Chantique Loopy Loo
Gerian Sundance at Buebezi
Gerian Sunset
Gerian Black Stockings at Kirikomi
Love in the Sun with Gerian
Emryks Look Again
Salsina Love 'N' Cherish with Gerian



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