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The story starts in 1967,with the first rough collie we ever owned. We named her "ELSA", after the lioness in the film "Born Free". Her sire was, "JUROYS GENTLEMAN JIM" out of "COVERDALES GAY VALMA".
"ELSA" gave us 14 yrs.of pleasure.
When "ELSA" died in 1981, we decided to look for a rough collie that we could show. We purchased a dog from the "UGONY" kennel, called, "Ugony's Chips Star", sired by "CH. Arranbrook Mr. Chips of Aberhill", out of the late May Young's champion bitch "CH.Colleydean That's My Sheila at Ugony",who we called "Herbie".

Ugony's Chips Star "Herbie"

We remember well our first steps into the show ring when "Herbie" was 6 mths old. It was W.E.C.S. Open Show at Broadclyst. On arrival at the show,we got a rude awakening!Up against the other exhibits,"HERBIE" looked very raw,lacking coat & all legs.He looked totally out of place,but we needn"t have worried.as he matured into a very handsome dog,who went on to do a lot of winning for us.
We then purchased a bitch from the renowned "Brettonpark" kennels,called, "Brettonpark Moonshine",sired by, "CH.Myberns Minstrel",out of "Brettonpark Fairytale"(our "Bess").

Brettonpark Moonshine "Bess"

At the beginning of 1983, we were able to apply for an Affix. When the application form came from the Kennel Club, we made a list of various names we thought would be suitable, all containing some reference to "Elsa". Then suddenly, it was staring us in the face! 'Elsa'& our surname 'Amos', hence 'ELSAMOS'.
The affix was duly granted & from then on was added to the names of all our dogs.
A year later , we asked Thelma Duncan if she would let us have another bitch puppy.To our surprise,she said we could have pick of litter from her 'CH.Brettonpark Country Fair', by 'Shellina Mr.Sandman at Brettonpark'. This was 'Brettonpark Moonbeam at Elsamos'(our 'Tilly') these two were our foundation bitches.
We decided to contiue with the theme of dogs to have "STAR" in their name & bitches to have "MOON".
From "BESS" mated to "BRETTONPARK HANDY ANDY", we retained the two litter brothers,"ELSAMOS STARHANGER" & "ELSAMOS STAR FOLLY". Two dogs who were as different as chalk & cheese in their natures. "STAR FOLLY"("ROCKY"),being the macho one,& "STARHANGER" ("DUSTY"),the most gentle,sweet natured dog we have ever owned.
We then decided that we would have to change the car as;(1). It just was not big enough,& (2).
We had worn it out traveling up & down the country.
From "TILLY" mated to "BRETTONPARK COUNTRY TWEED", we retained a bitch puppy, "ELSAMOS HAZY MOON" (our "BUFFI").
Shortly after that,we realized we really needed to move to somewhere with a bit of ground for the dogs.We were lucky enough to buy a cottage at the foot of The Quantock Hills,with a large garden,ywo paddocks & a little orchard & room to build some kennels.
Our first litter in our new home was,"BUFFY" mated to"CH.JANKEITH GIDEOM OF MYBERNS",who produced our one & only Tri.,"ELSAMOS EBONY STAR"("SYLVESTER").We sadly lost "SYLVESTER" at the young age of seven.
Within a very short time,we found the extra ground was taking up a lot of our time,so we then invested in another pedigree breed,which not a lot of people know about,our lovely Dorset Down Sheep.They make super lawn mowers & dogs & sheep have always got on well together.

Don't believe it when people tell you that sheep are stupid,they are far from it! They have individual characters, are affectionate & can be very comical.Tney are very much part of the "ELSAMOS" clan & we could never imagine being without them.
By this time,we had made many friends in the breed.Two of which were,Jihn & Jean Catliff ("Mallicot"),who let us have,"MALLICOT PAPER DOLL at ELSAMOS"("DOLLY"),& "DEVALDERMAR DELPHINIUM at ELSAMOS" ("PENNY").


"PENNY" was mated to "CH. BRILYN SUPERTRAMP", who produced "ELSAMOS MONO STAR" ("MICKIE"), who we lost in 2005, at the grand old age of 16 yrs.


A year or so later we mated "DOLLY", to "CH.ABBEYWATER FABERGE at EVAD" & from this mating we produced "ELSAMOS STARMAKER"("COOKIE"), who went to the mallocot kennel.


Thanks to John & Jean's campaigning of "COOKIE", he became the 1st.Champion we have bred. We were so very proud.
We retained "ELSAMOS STARCHINE" JW.("SNOOPY"), who doubled his JW points,and was never out of the cards at Champ.Shows,gaining his Stud Book No.


He sired two Champion daughters for the Gerian kennel,"CH.GERIAN SUNSHINE" & CH.GERIAN SUNFLOWER at COLLINGVALE',& R.CC for the Newloc kennel with "Newloc Charismatic".
"COOKIE" was later exported to Belgium,where he also became INT.& LUX.Champion. He still enjoys life at the kennel of Mario Castronivi. Sadly,we lost "SNOOPY" last year.
We repeated this mating & retained a bitch, "EKSAMOS MOON DREAMER"("DEE"),who was the mated to "COOKIE's" son,"GEOSAN FLASHBACK OF MALLICOT",who produced our 2nd. Champion 'ELSAMOS STARFLASH"("MUNCHIE")

Elsamos Starflash "Munchie"

"MUNCHIE'S" sunny outlook on life made him a pleasure to campaign and to this day,still retains the same bubbly nature,which makes him everybody's friend and an absolute joy to live with.
We have a son & daughter of MUNCHIE'S. his son, "ELSAMOS STAR TRACER"("SOLO"),who unfortunately does not like the show ring,but he still managed to get BP in Breed at Crufts in 2001.
He was only shown lightly after that,as it became more apparent,that he just did not want to be there,preferring to be at home running around the paddocks.
His daughter,"ELSAMOS MOONGLOW"("SMUDGE"), has just returned to the show ring & has already gualified for Cruft's 07,after taking time out to produce our latest litter by,"CH,AMALIE DEEP IN MY SOUL".

Elsamos Moonglow "Smudge"

We retained a bitch from this lovely litter of seven,"ELSAMOS MOON FIZZ".We named her "FIZZ" because even as a young puppy she was always the live wire of the litter.Such an extrovert character,who sometimes does not know how to keep all four feet on yhe ground at the same time!

Elsamos Moon Fizz "Fizz"

That's about it folks,that's brought us up to date.
We have never bred extensively,all dogs retained here,remain here,win or lose,after their showing & breeding careers come to an end,to live the rest of their lives here with us.
We look forwarg to many more years of being involved with rough collies,in one way or another.


Rita & Phil Amos


Elsamos Ebony Star
Elsamos Starhanger
Elsamos Star Tracer "Solo"
Elsamos Star Stormer "Doughie"
Elsamos Moon Dacer "Rags"
Elsamos Moon Dreamer "Dee"