Elsamos Moon over Moscow "Elsa"  sw, b. 03.06.2009

Dear Rita and Phil !  Thank you that you to entrust us this perfect girl!

Gerian Sunpure Gerian Sunset
Geosan Flashback Of Mallicot
CH.. Elsamos Starmaker At Mallicot
Mallicot Paperdoll At Elsamos
CH. Gerian Sunshine
Elsamos Starshine
Gerian Sunbeam

CH. Gerian Sunsilk

Gerian Hello Handsome
Emryk's Lots 'O Love To Aaronwell
Gerian Latest Crystal

Gerian Sunbeam

Gerian Latest Flame Jw
Gerian Pretty Moon
Elsamos Moon Fizz
CH. Amalie Deep In My Soul
NLCH GE CH LU CH Riding's Deep In
Timeless Twilight's Fame Or Fortune
Riding's Red Riding Hood
GB CH Amalie Sweet Suprise
Mallicot Ace Of Base
IRCH. Amalie Sucha Suprise At Belrah
Elsamos Moonglow
GB CH. Elsamos Starflash
Geosan Flashback At Mallicot
Elsamos Moon Dreamer
Elsamos Moon Dreamer
CH. Abbeywater Faberge at Evad
Mallicot Paper Doll At Elsamos

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