CH Russia, CH Ukraine, 3 & CACIB, 2 & BIS1
DZHIMIS LADLE OUT PRAISE "Fanni" b. 01.03.2004

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Int Ch Xplorer of Slatestone
Ch Riding Deep in My Heart
Timeless Twilights Fame of Fortne
Jonny vom Dunnwalder Busch
Lansingh's Que Sera
Ridings Red Riding Hood
Brilyn Chance Again at Lynnswed
Brilyn Fairytale
Unchain My Heart of Slatestone
Brilyn Misty Shadow
Mirpet Matt Bianco
Brilyn Painted Lady
Romantic Dream of Slatestone
Clorita Contemplation at Lynway
Baden Court Day Dream
Rus Ch Dzhimis Kiss of Angel
Old Gloden Gates Roxett
Int Ch Jonny von Dunnwalder Busch
Jackaroo van Koridwenn
Glen Morristone's Lady in Red
Ukr Ch Golden Gates Arrival Amour
Pepper Brew vom Schloss Elkofen
Nyitramenti Huckleberry
Rus Ch Denfris Dame Silk
Int Ch Golden Gates Olympic Fire
Westoak Firewalker
Westoak Gypsophilia
Rus Ch Golden Gates Hot Silk
Pelido Kings Councel
Golden Gates Arrival Amour

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